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One tape cleaner – It is the top phone cleaner and speed booster of Android. All you need is a tap to clear the memory and speed up the phone.

Always full of memories?
Is your phone slow?
Games backwards?

One Tap Cleaner will clean your phone, increase performance and make your device faster, so you’ll forget about all the problems and reborn your phone

You need:

– Install One Tape Cleaner – Phone Cleaner and Speed ​​Booster
– Clean your phone
– Increase your system and speed
– Enjoy smooth browsing and gaming experience!

One Tap Cleaner – Phone Cleaner and Speed ​​Booster – You need to make your phone work as well as you always wanted.
Phone cleaner Free up your phone space so you get an extra memory you can use.
Speed ​​booster Encourage RAM so that your phone will work so fast that you will not believe it.

Free storage, clean cache, and unused files, increase RAM, and enhance the scent of the phone – all in one tap.


Boost and clean
Keep your phone strong with just a single tap. One tap and our phone cleaner and speed booster will give your phone new life.

Junk file cleaner
OneTap Cleaner helps you delete cache files, all kinds of junk files to free up space for your use. Phone Cleaner will clean up unnecessary files, so your phone will have the extra space you need.

Phone booster
Boost your games and apps, free up memory (RAM), speed up your device and save more battery. Improve the performance of your Android device. Our speed booster feature increases the speed of the phone so that it works very fast.

Our free premium feature – Browse the Internet safely with VPN. Do not let others violate your privacy

Easy to use
Very easy to use. All you have to do is press a button. Just tap once and the phone cleaner and speed booster will make your phone great again.

Why Do You Need A Tap Cleaner – Phone Cleaner And Speed ​​Booster?
Sooner or later everyone faces some problems with the phone. When you buy a new phone, it works perfectly, there is a lot of space to use and you are simply happy with the performance of your phone. But after some time it is all over. Phone is slow, memory is full, there is not enough storage space etc.

Fortunately, there are solutions to all these problems. All you need to do is install One Tap Cleaner – Phone Cleaner and Speed ​​Booster and enjoy using your phone again. Phone Cleaner finds and deletes all unnecessary and junk files to free up space, so your phone’s memory will only be as free as possible. Speed ​​Booster enhances the scent of your phone, so when you just start using it it won’t slow down and won’t work as fast.

Install now for free, enjoy better performance and cleaner device.

The Accessibility service is used to quickly clean the phone in Android version 7 and above.
Cleaning and performance is accelerated through the force stop and clear cache functions.

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