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One Piece Treasure Cruise is the most popular pirate anime based RPG game based on the popular anime titled “One Piece”. The game allows its users to play in a classic RPG combat situation that can be played with a tap system.

This Android game is based on the storyline of the famous One Piece cartoon. The One Piece Treasure Cruise presents the story of Monkey De Laughy, who grew up making statues of pirates. This game is like a puzzle game where you have a character that adheres to different elements, fights wave after wave of enemies, earns money and leaves new recruits and then recruiters in your desired strengths.

The actions of pirates and navies are endless in this adventure game. For fans of One Piece, you’ll be able to recap through the movie’s favorite original storylines. Play with Luffy and his pirate crew “Stratite Pirates” in this RPG adventure to find the treasure of “One Piece”.

One Piece Treasure Cruise’s gameplay is a turn-based fight. Which allows the user to control the character they indirectly play while improving attacks from tapping the screen. Players need to use their intuition to use the skills of each individual character. Weaknesses and strengths of their enemies respond exactly. All of this needs to be done over time.

They can level up their crew as players progress through the game. As well as upgrading their equipment while recruiting more troops and improving their stats. Players will live through the amazing original story from the beginning of the anime. One Piece Treasure Cruise The world is diverse and incredible, it’s up to you to explore.

Hire a pirate crew

You can create a player crew by selecting from the list of more than 2000 characters from the original One Piece Amine Storyline. Develop your character or move their limits above the level. Build the world’s strongest pirate crew. Same as Clans of Clans.

RPG Warfare System

Users can play One Piece Treasure Cruise with RPG combat tap system. The player needs to run attacks with their crew in order to continue the strong battle attack. The combination of certain characters can cause further damage to tandem attacks.

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