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When the brightness of the phone using the AMOLED screen decreases the brightness past a certain point, the screen starts flickering or pulsating. It is used by Samsung, among other manufacturers, in their displays and the way these types of screens operate.

With the help of a traditional theatrical LCD screen, a light is projected with an array of pixels to increase or decrease the brightness, and the brightness is adjusted only by dimming this light. However, with AMOLED displays, each pixel reflects its own light – so to reduce the brightness of your screen, you need to somehow reduce the electric current flowing through these pixels. This is a decreasing current that can make your screen vibrate.

This application solves these AMOLED issues by automatically replacing the system functions for brightness adjustment, blurring the pixels displayed on the screen without diminishing the flowing current. This means it can keep the physical brightness of the screen at a sufficient level to avoid the problem of screen shaking, while automatically protecting your eyes and reducing the brightness of the actual display according to the light served. This reduces the brightness of the screen by turning off a few pixels and adding a transparent black mask layer and then provides you with an easily access control bar to adjust the brightness further. Another advantage is that it lets you darken your screen beyond the minimum stock brightness level.

After Android and version, this application is effective on status bar, notification drop-down menu or lock screen.

What’s new?

1. Add control to adjust the brightness of the system.
2. Solve problems where the brightness is automatically reduced in some conditions.
3. Add traditional Chinese support.
4. Add a pause function (temporarily disable the mask).

If the upgrade user encounters an unusual situation while rotating the screen, please uninstall and reinstall the app.

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