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It’s one Survival manual Which perfectly Working offline (Which is important to survive in some extreme situations)
It contains information How to build a fire, build a shelter, find food, heal and other useful items In case of emergency. But it should not only be used in emergencies – it is also useful for outdoor trips, mountaineering, camping, learning about nature and yourself. It’s not only fun, you can also train skills (to build fires, to build shelters, ..) You can fall into any disaster. Some things work best with practice in a comfortable environment – then you also have time for some testing.

Refugees More Welcome Use this app to prepare and guide them for their perilous journeys. Although I hope we as human beings can realize and stop fighting so that people do not run away and are not afraid.


In the midst of the current political situation (a dangerous man as the president of a large nuclear power country) I had to be prepared for doomsday situations and I was looking for a good survival guide that I could use offline.
There are none of them where really good and fit. There was also nothing Free software (FOSS) So I was writing this software on Android. You can find the source code on Github:
Pull requests are welcome!
If you want to improve the content or help translate, you can use the wiki:

You will find this content:

– Look at stress
– Natural reactions
– Prepare yourself

Plans and kits
– The importance of planning
– Survival kits

Basic Medicine
– Requirements for health maintenance
– Medical emergency
– Life-saving measures
– Bone and joint injuries
– Bites and stings
– Wounds
– Environmental injury
– Herbal medicine

– Primary shelter-uniform
– Shelter selection
Type of shelter

Water production
– The source of water
– Still building
– Water purification
– Water filtration device

– Basic Fire Principal
– Site selection and preparation
– Fire Material Selection
– How to make a fire
– How to light a fire

The food process
– Animals for food
– Traps and traps
– Kill the device
– Phishing device
– Cooking and storage of fish and games

Survival use of plants
– Plants performance
– Plants for medicine
– Miscellaneous uses of plants

Plenty of plants
– How to poison plants
– About all the plants
– Rules to avoid poisonous plants
– Contact dermatologist
– Ingestion poison

Dangerous animated
– Insects and arachnids
– Lachis
– Bats
– The vicious snake
– Snake free zone
– Dangerous lizard
– Danger in the river
– Danger in bays and estuaries
– Danger of salt water
– Other dangerous sea creatures

Field-expedient weapons, equipment and tools
– Staff
– Club
– Borrowed weapons
– Other Expedient Weapons
– Cordes and corpses
– Ruxack construction
– Clothing and insulation
– Cooking and eating utensils

– Terrain
– Environmental material
– Water is needed
– Heat loss
– Caution
– Desert danger

– Tropical weather
– Jungle type
– Travel through the jungle
– Immediate consideration
– Water collection
– Food
– Poisonous plants

Cold weather
– Cold zones and locations
– The wind is blowing
– Basic principles of survival in cold weather
– Hygiene
– Treatment issues
– Cold injury
– Shelter
– Fire
– Water
– Food
– Travel
– Weather signs

The sea
– The open sea
– The shore of the sea

Expedient water crossing
– Rivers and streams
– Rapids
– Rafts
– Flotation device
– Other water barriers
– Plant barrier

Field-Expedient Direction Finding
– Use of sun and shade
– Use the moon
– Uses stars
– Making advanced compasses
– Other ways of setting directions

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