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offline arabic courses APK Download

offline arabic courses APK Download

Offline Arabic Courses The perfect Arabic language learning application for non-Arabic speakers. You can learn Arabic without the need for internet connection! This application tries its best to educate the speaker using various multimedia interactions such as audio for pictures, phrases, commonly used sentences and alphabets. The app is rich in pictures so you can easily understand the Arabic language, enabling you to understand the meaning of sentences by looking at pictures. Offline Arabic courses have helped many speakers who wanted to learn Arabic in a very short time.

Now, you can easily learn Arabic language with various features in offline Arabic course. Listen to audios, take quizzes and learn the Qur’an completely offline from the app! The app has several features for quick Arabic learning:


Ima Images and words with voice
Easily identify commonly used Arabic words with their images and listen to audio voices at the same time to learn how to pronounce them. Available offline

Ima Phrases and sentences with images and voices
Learn Arabic sentences and phrases that are commonly used and compare them with interactive images and listen to the voice of the local Arabic speaker easily remember offline is available offline

Alphabet with voice
Familiarize yourself with the Arabic alphabet with all the accents played in the audio by the voice of a local Arabic speaker. Available offline

Learn Quran with Voice Voice
Learn Quran offline with voice and easy classification of Quran chapters.

✓ Game practice and quiz
Improve your Arabic language skills by practicing interactive word images.
– Match Arabic voice audio and images with the correct spelling of words
– Match Arabic voice audio with correct spelling

Arabic Practice writing Arabic
Write Arabic on your screen with a guide on how to write words. You can easily identify your improvements and corrections by choosing different colors for your writing. You can also listen to audio of the words spoken by a local Arabic speaker.

Arabic Learn how to say time in Arabic
Learn the pronunciation of hours, minutes and any time of day in the voice of a native Arabic speaker.

Update Arabic text regularly with audio
Get new Arabic texts and audios for learning and practicing via internet connection.

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