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Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs Free APK download

Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs Free APK download

Kids love to listen to nursery rhymes rendered on popular tunes. This app helps kids to listen and learn nursery rhymes. Colorful flashcards and lyrics for each nursery can entertain your kids at any time .. Enjoy famous kids songs

Kids can switch between rhymes by simply swiping across the screen. Kids can choose the rhyme of their choice by clicking on the correct thumbnail.

The best kids song collection.

Rhymes can be used offline. Empty hit play. Start learning English with top baby songs.

Easy interface to manage your child. Swipe left or right to change rhymes.

Improve your kids ’English with nursery rhymes.

Kids Preschool Learning App is free to download and anytime anywhere with cute music, learning songs and animations kids can benefit from this kind of learning app. Free e songs so that any kid with smartphone can enjoy learning for free and in a fun way offline. Can learn.

Children’s songs with songs for rhyme

Bobby can play songs in the background.

Below is a list of some of the most popular children’s rhymes available in the app.
Or or or black sheep
Are you sleeping
Plump cheeks
Ding dong bell
Get to bed early
Five little monkeys
Guji Guji Gander
Here we are near Go
Hey Diddle Diddle
Hickory decree dock
Hot cross bamboo
Humpty Dumpty
I have a little tea
Johnny Johnny
Twinkle Twinkle
Jack and Jill
Jingle Bell
Run in the rain
Wheel on the bus
One to Buckle My Shoes
Three blind rats
Old MacDonald
Two little dicks
Aula jhaula spider
Run in the rain
Pussy cat
Pop the Whistle
Where the thumb
Yankee Doodle
Mary Mary Quet
Old King Cole
Mary Lamb
Little Jack Homer
Little Miss Muffet

The app is specifically designed for teachers, parents and is not limited to just kids, it will help you improve your audience English skills.

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