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Nova Legacy is a science fiction FPS game based on an alien invasion rebellion. In Nova Legacy you will play the role of Kal Warden. Our hero is a retired NOVA veteran who has been called back to suit his mobile armor under the protection of retired colonial administration forces.

FPS gameplay NOVA Legacy

You play a key role in the struggle for the survival of mankind, which has been going on for centuries in the Nova legacy. After the discovery of technology by mankind that makes life possible in space. They found colonies in galaxies and were able to discover exposed points of space. However, as a result of the discovery, people have been expelled from their homeland due to threats. You can try Nova Freedom Edition E.g.

Personalize your weapons after collecting the necessary blueprints in the NOVA Legacy. In the promotional version of the game, each new game and a new stage will consume power with a total of 10 power bars consume so use these wisely. A few levels of campaigning can feel rather tiring because there aren’t a lot of fights and not a lot of fighting.

The real highlight of the NOVA legacy is that it must be multiplayer. The game has a full classification feature and, unlike previous Nova games, has real progress in multiplayer. As you progress through the game you will be able to unlock new weapons, equipment, character classes and a ton more content. Open multi-player maps are a great initiative of the NOVA Legacy. A relentless struggle against the alien army is waiting for you. You have the possibility to play multiplayer up to 6 players.

NOVA Legacy provides top quality graphics. The weapons look spectacular, the character designs are top notch, the texture is extremely detailed. The special effects are breathtaking and make the aliens look terrifying. This game is free to download and play but all sponsors need to be added later. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. For more information and the latest news about the NOVA Legacy Philosophy Gameloft.

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