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Download our app to scan, save and share your notes, sketches, drawings and other documents. You can export documents to PDF or JPG files োট NoteBlock is a free scanner app developed by a notebook company in Barcelona that supports unlimited use.
You can scan any type of note, paper document, drawing, sketch or image.
The app will automatically detect angles and correct the image perspective. It appears as if it was taken with a 90 degree angle.
Shad will disappear any shadow or similar.
Directly You can crop any document or image directly inside the app.
Documents can be shared in folders and / or via email / WhatsApp / Dropbox etc.

When used together with our notebook notebooks, you get optimal results. The gridline and background of our paper will magically disappear.

About notebooks:
Notebook is a brand of 21st century notebooks. All of our products are designed for those who write and draw every day. NoteBlock notebooks are therefore printed with our unique electronic grid and are compatible with our application, which allows you to scan and digitize your sketches, drawings and notes, convert them to PDF or JPG with a simple click, and share them online. Gives from any device and from anywhere. All of this will expand the horizons of your notebook and gain your notebook experience beyond what you can imagine.

With the NoteBlock application:
– You can transform our inverted grid into a white background: NoteBlock’s Inverted Grid is a great, creative and effective support that will help you with your writing and drawing process, but will delete our application grid when you digitize your notebook. We know this is going to make you feel more comfortable editing, flicking, or re-reading your content from electronic devices. Use the app and see for yourself!

– We modify the perspective of the piece of paper you have adopted: NoteBlock geometrically fits your photos (see example above), so that the image is perfectly straight, as if you have brought the image to a 90 degree angle.

– We’ve found any signs of shadows in your photos: Imagine that in any situation, time and place you could have the right light intensity to digitize your notes. This may seem impossible, but with the NoteBlock app, your digitized notes will look perfect and clean without any imperfections due to light and shadow. In your digital image you will find only what you have written or drawn on a completely white background.

In the application you can:
– Create documents and save them as PDF or JPG.
– Share documents online: email, instant messaging, social networks, etc.
– Rename the document.
– Classify documents by creation date or version.
– Choose the PDF format of your notes.
– Digitize images / other documents you may want to save with your noteblock notes.
– Add, copy and order pages in the same document.
– Create folders to better organize your files.

What is inverted grid paper of note block?
As the name implies, it is a grid, but printed in reverse. We know that lines are suitable for writing, drawing, sketching, etc., but we also know that gridlines may not be suitable for the final result of any work. The gridlines are fine … but when you finish your notes or sketches and you no longer need this great support? Okay, the lines are still there and can interrupt the text, drawing or figure. This is solved with noteblock. The pale colored background of our sheet improves the contrast between ink and paper. Your notes and sketches will stand out to us more than any traditional thematic graph paper and it will be more convenient for you to review and correct your notes. And when digitized with our application, the gridlines will disappear completely. Try our notebooks and experience the idea for yourself: you may wonder why you didn’t know about us before!

What’s new?

– New feature: OCR for typed text (Latin alphabet writing system)
– Bug fix (Pro) which closes the app when the “Back” button is pressed.
– New language: Arabic, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Please note that we’ve added ads to the free version to make NoteBlock more sustainable and to keep the app developing. NoteBlock offers limited use. You can remove ads by upgrading to Pro with a small contribution to our team and work. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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