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Frustrated with limited storage? Unable to install more apps or click more photos? SpaceUp using your advanced compression / backup and text restore technology that compresses your existing applications by 90-95% usingINCREASES⬆⬆ PHINCREASES⬆C

It will teach you what to use and when you use it it is recommended to use at least one application for compression

Compressed but not lost and flash back makes every app accessible from launch and menu

It also knows when you need more space so you don’t have to worry about storage space anymore.

SpaceUp Features

Quick compression / backup and restore
Super fast compression
Apps Quick compression / backup and restore applications (up to 80%) that increase and save storage space
Home makes smart folders accessible from both homescreen and phone menus
If you uninstall our app, abbreviated applications will be lost

Advanced compression
Apps Complete compression / backup and restore applications (up to 90-95%) that increase and save storage space
If you also uninstall our app, the abbreviated applications will never be lost.
ছিল Applications were on your phone menu just like before compression / backup and recovery IN
• Bit slow compression

Pull shortening
You give you the ability to compress / backup and restore apps instead of uninstalling them
Phone Use the application whenever you want from the phone menu or smart folder
Choose between Quick Collapse / Backup and Restore and Advance Collapse / Backup and Restore and increase your phone storage space
The app does not require internet to compile the application only from the menu / launcher

Smart list of unused applications
Learn which apps you use for the best apps using Super ‘Super Advanced Algorithm’
Phone scans all applications on your phone to detect viruses, trojans, malware, vulnerabilities, adware and spyware.
. Also, determine the best apps that have saved a lot of storage space.

The app gives the ability to use the app again
Boost applications for optimal use
Mem increases memory so always do advanced compression / backup and restore

SpaceUp / SpaceUp Launcher (1 tip access shortcut)
It makes everything accessible so it gives you the power to access all the applications from 1 tape access folder

SpaceUp / SpaceUp facility

Phone Increase and save phone memory: It has the features of fast compression / backup and recovery and advanced compression / backup and recovery gives you the power to increase memory and install 3 more applications on your phone

OO Boost Phone: It never slows down your phone. It boosts your phone and makes it run super fast by boosting the phone and RAM.

বাড় Increase Battery Life (Battery Saver): Shortening / backing up and restoring often completes the background process of other applications, resulting in drastic increase in battery life.

M No more lag: Your phone will never hang or show lag once you have compressed / backed up and restored all your used apps

OL Cool Phone: Summarizes compression / backup and recovery apps that keep your phone cool and reduces CPU usage by shortening applications that don’t heat up any apps that don’t even extend your battery life.

SpaceUp / SpaceUp is 100% free! Download it for free and the problem of phone memory will become an old thing now!

So why uninstall apps when you can only compress / backup and restore them and increase storage space?

This application uses accessibility services to help people interact with the device to perform automatic app compression.

Note: We never collect your personal data.

Email: [email protected]
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What’s new?

Fixed app lost issue
Endless stress reduction
Advanced application suggestion algorithm
Major bug fix

The accessibility service is no longer enabled for non-disabled users to comply with the new policy implemented by Google Play. Accessibility service is no longer required in non-root enabled mode.

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