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NetMonster is a network monitoring application that displays information about mobile networks.

It provides all the data that your smartphone provides. Even Eddie is free!
Thanks to cell hunters around the world you can download a list of houses with their location and use it.
Have you just lost NetMonster here! This feature is only available in a few countries where lists exist.

Here’s what Netmonster can show you:
– 2G – CID, LAC, RXL, TA, BSIC, ARFCN, Band + Neighbor Cells (CID, LAC, BSIC, RXL, ARFCN)
– 3G – CI, RNC, CID, LAC, PSC, RSCP, UARFCN, Band + Surrounding Cell (PSC, RSCP, UARFCN)
– 4G – CI, ENB, CID, TAC, PCI, RSII, RSRP, RSRQ, SNR, CQI, TA, EARFCN, Band + Surrounding Cell (PCI, RSRP, RSRQ, SNR)

Each phone reports different cell details. If none of those items show up on your device, it means that the manufacturers did not implement it properly.

If you have Android 4.3 (or newer), NetMonstar can display data about the cell you are currently logged in while you are in an area where your network provider has no coverage. If your phone does not have a SIM card, monitoring also works.

Love being a beta tester? Feel free to join ->

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