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Netflix is ​​the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. Unchanged movie streaming giant Netflix has one of the best Android apps for streaming. It lets customers watch movies and TV shows at the service’s instant watch library.

Netflix Design and Outlook

Netflix has a fairly straightforward and very simple user interface. The home screen shows you the most viewed and unfinished shows at the top for easy access. Featured content like popular shows and recommendations based on your viewing history is shown below.

You can swipe up to see more content from different genres, then swipe to the left to see more shows from each genre. Also, browse for movies and shows by genres like action, TV shows and comedies, press the browse button at the top left and then select a genre. You can try Popcorn time.

Watch controls on Netflix pop up with one tap and disappear after a few seconds when you watch the video. A large button lets you scrub the video with a small window that shows you the exact point in the timeline – great for finding the part of the show you want to watch. The rewind button lets you go back 10 seconds on the show and the volume control is at the top right.

Browsing for shows and movies

When you touch a headline, Netflix shows you all the details, such as star ratings, synthesis and a list of episodes for TV shows. A drop-down menu lets you quickly switch to the next season and you can browse through an episode of the list.

Netflix subscription

The app is not free to use, you have to choose from your monthly or weekly payment plan. It comes free for the first month but you still need to enter your card details to complete the subscription.

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