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NetCoot allows users to block Internet access from any other user on the same Wi-Fi network. This function is really simple. This is effective for those who suspect that someone is using their WiFi without their permission.

The user will see a list of all the devices connected to his Wi-Fi network. All the user needs to do is select one of these connected devices. Then block the selected device from accessing their Internet connection only. The user’s phone must be rooted to use the NetCoot application. If it is not, the user will not be able to use the full features of the app.

The NetCoot app is ultimately effective if users of the app suspect that someone is using their Wi-Fi network without their permission. Within seconds and with the help of the net, the user can block access to any unauthorized user. NetCat also provides an intuitive graph on the screen of the application that represents the percentage of connections that each unauthorized user is using freely. The application allows users to rename their authorized Wi-Fi connections so that they do not accidentally block them.

Netcat Features:

Below are some other features of Netcat.

  • Set any network user on or offline for devices.
  • Netcoat users can set up one user as a gateway and then disconnect the second user to cut the network between 2 users in the LAN. It will then prohibit 2 users from talking to each other. For example, when a NetCat user disconnects the phone with a device such as Apple TV, Xiaomi Box or Google TV; It will also disable features like screen cast.
  • Users can verify the phone type because NetCoot will be able to provide a list of phone types.
  • The NetCoot app also features a Detective Attacker that lets the user see any device playing Arp Spoof over your Wi-Fi connection.

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