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Nebulas is an Android game application that can be played online. The user will play as a little floating ball in space while trying to absorb less floating balls than the user. The real challenge of the game is that the game is being played online so there will be many more players in this space. If other players’ balls are bigger than one player’s, they can absorb them too.


The gameplay of Nebula is quite simple because the player just has to press his fingers on the screen to move uninterruptedly outside his side. When making side movements, the player needs to dodge other competing players as well as especially larger players. Also, try to involve other players than you. If a player is exploited, they have to start again.

  • Touch the control pad for a moment
  • The ‘split button’ allows a player to launch a portion of their mass in the direction they are moving.
  • ‘Eject button’ to get the mass of the player out of their current direction. (This button must be used to remove black holes)

Black hole

Players need to be really careful about the nebula’s black holes because if a player falls into them, they will split into smaller holes. This is usually a bad thing for a player but if they are chased by another player they will benefit.

  • Use the eject button to move to a black hole.
  • After some time the split mass will reconnect.
  • If the big players chase you, take refuge inside the black hole.
  • Black holes can either break or shrink the player’s blobs.
  • Being detached during the chase allows a slight increase in speed.

Other features

Some of the other features of Nebula are as follows.

  • Find different groups, play with your friends, or join a specific clan.
  • 500+ skins and multiple ways to turn them all off.
  • Super competitive mode allows for the opportunity to win plasma prizes.
  • Online multiplayer mode for adding up to 27 different players.
  • Offline mode for single player.
  • Battle Royal mode for 2 players to compete.
  • Mehem mode
  • The clan system for clan warfare.
  • Grid and space theme.
  • Online leaderboard.

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