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Návrat ’68 APK download

Návrat '68 APK download
Transfer yourself to the Immergency Player of Czech Radio until August 1968 and listen to the real story of the family that has experienced dramatic events in an unusual situation.

In fact, fragments or real-time objects with spatial sound are dragged into the real world by the widespread reality.

Part of the application is also a four-part series Breaking Year, which summarizes the events of 1968 in Czechoslovakia and around the world.

The application allows:
– listening to 6 chapters of the audio series Return ’68
– unlock for each chapter unique fragments of time with audiovisual content
– placement of real-time fragments into real-world using enhanced reality technology
– Watch miniseries Year of Break

The app is available for Android 7.0 and above, and only for devices that support enhanced reality. For users who do not have the right device available, the content is accessible on the Czech Radio website: and

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