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Oral and image translation,
Smart KO / AN / JA / ZH / ES / FR Translator Application Pepago

In Esperanto, ‘papago’ means ‘parrot’, it is an animal to mimic a skilled speaker, we provide a translation service with a total of 30 language pairs (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and French).

1. Voice translation
When it comes to the word you want to translate into the microphone, real-time translation results and voice auto-read features are provided via voice recognition.

2. Conversation translation
If you need a 1: 1 conversation between a foreigner and yourself, you can use it to translate what you want to tell them and show the result, and they can speak to them in a language that can be translated into your language.

3. Image translation
Snap a shot using your phone (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, signboards, etc.) and rub the sentence you want to translate to get results.
Images can also be translated to your mobile device.

4. Text translation
Enter the sentence you want to translate into the text to get results in real-time.

Translation features are only available in the translation application Papago

* WSD (Word Sense Disambiguation) * Korean based
That car? Tea? We provide more accurate translations using images to express obscure words

* Real-time exchange rate information
30000KRW? 3500JPY? How much is it in US currency? We provide real-time exchange rate information.

* Global Conversation
You can select and use appropriate translation phrases such as Basic Expressions, Airports / Airports, Accommodation, etc.
This feature is available without a network connection.

* Favorites and hashtags
You can view a collection of hashtag-specific translations by entering hashtags by status / subject of frequently translated phrases you save as preferences view
This feature is available without a network connection.

উপলব্ধ Only available for Android 4.2 or higher.

If you have any problems (errors) or questions while using the app, please contact customer service.

What’s new?

■ Added dictionary (* text translation)
Spanish voice recognition service added
Added Pepago partners (GS25, Hyundai department store)
■ Bug fixes

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