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. The new NAVER Mail application (v2.1.20) can only be used on Android OS 4.0.0 version and above. [Key Features]1. ‘View type’ transfer
You can view mails collected in chronological order using different view types, including ‘interactive view’ or ‘view by person’.
Tap the icon to the right of the list and change to the most comfortable view of your choice.

2. ‘Search faster with faster filters
Use ‘Quick Filter’ if you only want to see the desired mail.
With a single touch you can quickly see mail with unread mail / important mail / attachments / VIP mail

3. See by ‘sender’
The mail list will be organized on a ‘sender’ basis if you tap the person icon in the view shifting menu.
Quickly check mails from important people and bind unimportant mails to handle at once.

4. Swipe to delete
You can send spam directly by swiping the mail list on the left.
You can also swipe-right the list to change the status of already seen mail as ‘unread’.

5. Add to VIP
Add someone important to you as a VIP.
If you switch to ‘View by person’, mails from VIPs will appear at the top of the list and you will only be able to filter to view VIP mails.

Pre. Preface attachment
When checking incoming mail with attachments or double-checking whether the file was added properly before sending, manage your attachments at once with the ‘attachment list’ in front of you.

7. Confirmation of receipt and cancellation of infection
You can directly check if the mail I sent has reached well or the recipient has read my mail. If the receiver uses NAVER mail, you can cancel the already infected mail.

. Import outgoing mail
Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and much more, …
Set up frequently used mailing accounts for easy navigation in the NAVER Mail application.

9. Sync with Navarro Clouds
You can attach large files when sending mail and save attachments to incoming mail using Navarro Cloud.

10. Password
Are you worried about other people peeking into your mail? Use password lock.
You can still secure your emails after losing your phone.

11. The support screen is optimized for the pad
Mail optimized for tablet environment, look pleasing with more spacious screen!

Please contact the NAVER Customer Service Center ( to search while using this application.

What’s new?

[v2.1.20 Update]- Fixed bug for icon notification updates
– Improved functionality of large attachment file downloads
– Advanced app stability and other bugs fixed

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