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Increase battery life incredibly during idleness of your device by strengthening the energy saving functionality in the built-in dose of Android. It supports Marshmallow, Nougat, Orio and now Pie. It has more options for rooted devicesWhy?
Why not Hell?
The dose is wonderful, but so is the curiosity. It may take at least 2 hours to kick (if the device is stationary, uncharged, etc.). If you turn the screen off and turn around, the dose will not shake, so there is a chance of saving a lot of potential battery with the wind.

Neptune fixes it for you


Q: Rootless mode?
To use Neptime’s features without root, you need to perform this command and allow ADB to dump it on your computer:

adb -d shell PM grant com.franco.doze android.permission.DUMP

You need to grant WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission:

adb -d shell PM grant com.franco.doze android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

Once these two permissions are granted you will be able to use Neptime freely.
Q: I don’t get notifications or my music streaming apps stop working after the screen is off. Stop!
Dose with ‘aggressive dose’ is being forced after your screen is closed. Doze is currently the most powerful battery saving method on Android.

The following restrictions apply to your applications while dosing:
Only high-priority push notifications are provided;
Access Network Access Suspended;
The wake system ignores the wake locks;
Standard alarm manager alarms are suspended in the next maintenance window:
The Wii system does not scan for Wi-Fi;
The system does not allow sync adapters to run;
The system does not allow the job scheduler to run;

Applications like Gmail, which use general-priority notifications, provide them during the maintenance window or when you wake up your device. It is standard behavior and cannot be changed
However, you can choose the application to bypass the dose. Settings -> Battery -> Overflow -> Battery Optimization -> All apps -> Your apps -> Do not customize
This will allow applications like Spotify to bypass forced doses and will actually work off the screen.

Q: What is the ‘Sensor Application White List’ feature?
It works in conjunction with the ‘Disable Motion Detection’ feature, and disables Motion Detection but lets you choose an app for sensor information (sorry, Android restricts us to only one application).
For example it helps apps like Google Fit accelerometer or gyroscope to calculate your steps.

Q: My display, why flash once after the occasional screening?
This can happen if you disable motion sensors. The reason for this is simple, they need to be toggled on / off to work after screening the system brightness and auto-rotation settings (otherwise they won’t work) and so it may flash (even if only for a few milliseconds).

Q: My fingerprint scanner doesn’t work when I disable sensor motion detection!
Unfortunately not all devices will work properly when disabling motion sensor detection and some other sensors and functionality may stop working in the process. There is nothing I can do about it and your only option is not to enable the settings. There are some weird compatibility with LG phones where the display does not turn on again if this setting is enabled.

What’s new?

Naptime 6.5
1. Now if you force / give streaming music, Fos will not be kicked
2. Dice status layout for better readability

Neptime 6.4.3
1. Wi-Fi is disabled during dose work without root. More Poya!

Neptime 6.4
1. If disable data is enabled in the dose option, tethering is enabled. Neptime will not tear up your mobile data (yes!)

If you enjoy Naptime, please leave the Play Store review. It helps me as much as Neptune helps you save battery

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