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myDeviceLock – Appalachian Total mobile security and privacy protection app locker for your smartphone or tablet; Protect any applications on your device. Download the latest version for free and discover an app, With biometric app lock methods with more locking methods than any other mobile security solution in the Google Play market* Whether you are a student, parent or business person, enjoy the My Devicelock app lock no matter what you do or wherever you go mobile app protection is essential.You need to hide your apps – hide photos – hide videos, or just use it as a gallery lock., Including our powerful screen lock – included!

APP is a free app and no ads
FE full feature protection application
OTHER is a method of further locking from any other application

Complete privacy at your fingertips with customizable security features.

Invented by Neurology Protection Group – research and development team; MidVislock is based on the latest biometric mobile technology that provides unsuccessful security.
The app features a signature verification algorithm, which wins –
Top five in Global Security Challenge – London [1]

► Five lock types: signature, zip code, password,
Lock pattern and fingerprint (for Marshmallow 6.0+)
Bi secure applock using biometric signature verification
Pictures Security vaults for photos and videos – at Int
And extra memory
Progressive system of protection against password guessing
Navigation Application lock interface, simplified for quick navigation
And easy to use
Level of mobile security and screen layout optimization
► Easy one-touch uninstall

Your privacy claim begins here: Download now

Only – Protected: Share messages and e-mails, banks, shops and photos and videos from your phone while you’re 100% secure and online. myDeviceLock provides Android users with the latest application lock technology and the ability to protect their privacy and data using mobile security.

Powerful mobile protection tools: Which protects your personal information in real time, including calls, settings, emails, photo and video galleries, SMS, social network apps, messenger with pop-up windows and much more. Mobile security the way you want it – set it and forget about it.

Customizable applause: In addition to the presence of the security application, you have both the level of protection you need or need. MyDeviceLock is smart and intuitive, giving users complete control over the mobile security of their Android device and app lock manager.

Download now

******** Quick start instructions ********

1. First download my Davislock free app

2. Look at the second splash screen, which explains the basics

3. The third sets a minimum 4-digit PIN as the emergency entry code

4. Discover great locking methods in settings, especially signatures
Verification – Comfort, speed and security

5. Go to Lock Manager and set up which apps you want to protect

Your. Customize it to make your application lock your own

Your. Enjoy your new mobile security and please let us know if we can
Help Only be careful when it comes to protecting your information

In an emergency you should never shy away from unlocking your applications, just use your emergency security pin or the top right (?).

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What’s new?

Please welcome to our new feature: Hide icon

Now you can hide the launcher icon of myDeviceLock from the home screen.

When you want to open My Deviceslock – use a secret way to do this:

1. Open from browser.
Use the web browser on your device to go to our website and click on a link to open the My Devicelock app!

2. Open from the dialer.
Dial # and tap the call button – the myDeviceLock app will start!

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