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Raise your own Tamagotchi characters And share your event with your friends! You need daily care to keep your Tamagocchi character healthy and happy. Keep it well eaten, washed and entertained 7, then meet other Tamagochi friends in town for more fun. But do not forget to put your character in bed! 🌛

Explore Tamtown Inn Full AR (connected reality) !, Find your hidden friends and collect treasures and bonuses from the first AR-enabled Tamagocchi game!

Customize your own Tamtown With the items of your choice, then find a beautiful surface around you to put it on and let’s hide and search! Guide your character around the city to find his friends hiding in the corners around the city, in the bushes and even inside the building. Find them in the available time to go to the next level. Collect coins and bonus items scattered around the city to increase your score and time. Let’s start the search!

It’s been 20 years since the first Tamagocchi spell in the West.
The event is now spreading love to a whole new generation of caring fans with its first free to-play mobile game!

💕 Take good care of your copper See the character and their growth! Play mini games, make friends, tour Tamatown and customize outfits and the city itself for the memorable moments you want to share with your friends. Depending on the care you provide and the work you do, they will develop into different Tamagochi characters as they get older. And when they all grow up, Help them choose the best career path, be it a scientist, a rockstar or a detective!


Rice Your Tamagochi character: Make sure you feed, wash, then clean and turn on the lights for a good night’s sleep to stay happy and healthy.
Rejoice With your Tamagocchi character: Play mini games and explore Tamtown together, as well as make friends with other Tamagocchi characters.
Experience no more Find exciting hide and seek games with your Tamagocchi friends around your real world!
Avoid E. Your Tamagochi characters vary from one type to another depending on how careful you are. You never know who they might be!
Collect Moments to remember are shared with your Tamagochi character and the citizens of the friendly city.
Share Your favorite moments with your friends.
Gather Coins by playing mini games and leveling up!
.>Unlock Delicious food, intelligent clothing and colorful items to decorate Tamatown.
Compare Your progress and Tamagochi-raising skills with your friends.
Tickle Your Tamagocchi characters – they love it!

What’s new?

– Presenting daily goals, a new way to help you progress in the game! Complete all of these for bonus rewards!
– Connect with your Facebook friends and beat their high scores!
– More bugs were fixed

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