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My Ice Cream Truck – Make Sweet Frozen Desserts APK Download

My Ice Cream Truck - Make Sweet Frozen Desserts APK Download

A hot day is nothing better than ice cream treats, milkshakes and strawberry shortcuts! 🍦

Flavorless ice cream games
Want to make strawberry shortcut ice cream? Or do you like milkshake games? What are your favorite sweet treats? You can have an ice cream truck and be an ice cream maker to serve all the desserts of your choice !!

Become a food tycoon with your own sweet dresser empire!
How do you serve your VIP customers? Would you choose to mix everything to make creamy strawberry shortcut ice cream and serve it next to the delicious yogurt? Or do you like milkshakes that can be made with strawberry ice cream and creamy toppings? Or do you really like cold refreshing drinks like smoothies, yogurt and milkshakes?

❄️ Cool Features

Round is the sweetest game in the neighborhood!
Imitate the delicious art of mixing flavors of ice cream to create frozen gelato delights, strawberry shortcut desserts and other delicious treats!

Play is easy to play!
Simply drag and drop components to complete your customers’ orders. It’s so simple, anyone can be a master milkshake maker!

Infinite levels!
Become an ice cream maker and milkshake maker and play whatever you like!

Unlock Kitchen Kitchen Tools, Ice Cream Flavors and Tops!
Choose flavors for your creamy topping and garnish each smoothie, slurpi, slushi, strawberry shortcut ice cream with springs and all the best slushi game treats.

Style Decorate your ice cream truck with style!
Let’s face it, if you can’t paint your own ice cream truck like a pie, what would these kinds of games or ice cream games look like?

Be a world famous ice cream maker and milkshake maker!
Create news in the local paper by showing the combinations of the world’s best smoothie, creamy yogurt, milkshake, cream and strawberry shortcut dessert.

Looking for the best ice cream games, milkshake games, cooking games, food games or slashy games around? Then look no further – this cooking adventure has it!

A fresh cooking time management game
You will order all kinds of sweet desserts! Maybe you will be the famous cake maker, or ice cream maker, or smoothie maker, or the best milkshake maker around in this food simulator cooking game! Every time you get a new ingredient you can become creative and think of new delicious sweet treats to prepare and attract more and more people to your ice cream truck! It is a sure thing that customers will like everything you make in these ice cream games. 😋

Your ice cream truck can even host a decent Mexican festa to make many sweet treats with Helado de Chocolate, Helado de Fresas and cream toppings as colorful and happy as pineapple !!

This ice cream truck simulator brought to you through Taps Games.

Please note! Like many slush games, milkshake games and ice cream games, this game has items that can be purchased with real money.

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