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My finances are a perfect tool for controlling spending and managing a home budget. Managing home budgets will be easier from now on. Thanks to carefully selected functions you can not only save more money, but also analyze your costs in more detail. You can say: From now on my expenses will be categorized and there is more money in the wallet. Attractive and intuitive interface will help you to easily add new transactions and analyze existing existence. With a few clicks you can add expenses or income, check the current balance of the assigned accounts (as defined by you in the application). My Finances lets you add all expenses and earnings, including department and duration specifications. Saving money has never been so beautiful and comfortable. Your expenses and earnings will be in one place. Get started today to control your spending!

Required program functions:
– Connecting income and outgoing in an intuitive way. One step of the cursor allows you to move to a window with new operations. Then save the necessary information, shop, and all that. Simplicity and utility are the main features of the My Finance application.
– Create categories and subcategories at your discretion. You can assign colors to each section that clears the data.
– Manage multiple accounts – Feel free to create any account to manage your portfolio more accurately, but that’s not all.
– The great advantage of the budget management application is the filtering option for each activity between accounts. Our application provides it for you, just select the accounts you want to be visible in the operating area at the moment.
– Define repeat operation option operation to make it easier to manage your home budget, set its frequency and the application will do the rest for you! Examples of such orders are a phone bill, rent a flat or your salary.
– Planned activities that allow you to predict total income and expenses in a given month. This is especially effective if you realize an investment or you just want to plan and estimate how much you can save over the next few months.
– History with advanced filters lets you track your own earnings and payments. Everyone who decides to use this type of program wants to know the exact process of making money. Thanks to my financiers you have access to this function, it is possible to monitor the home budget very clearly.
– Operation review with details of categories and subcategories will reveal to you how you spend more money. With a proper analysis, you will be able to plan how to save more
– Statistics is a really effective way to manage resources. This allows you to compare income and payments.
– With the help of charts you can analyze current and previous transactions according to the given month, year and category details.
– It was a part of the available functions. For greater flexibility, my finances give you the option to choose the first day of the month (such as when you get paid every tenth day). The program recommends importing and exporting CSV files for more precise financial analysis for your protection.
– More features coming soon – Big money comes from small
My Finances is a smart assistant for managing the home budget, it helps you to have complete control over the finances of the home. If you are still wondering why and for what your funds are running so fast – this application is made just for you. From now on my financing will help you maintain your expenses and home budget

If you have an idea to improve our product or you notice an error, we look forward to your message: [email protected]

Why do we need specific permission?
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED – Start a standing order service
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE / Internet – Advertising
READ_LOGS – Reporting bugs with ACRA

What’s new?

Version 1.12

New Features: Tags Report
Fixed minor bugs

We are working on version 2.0 with multi-device synchronization. If you would like to test the beta version, please contact us via email: [email protected]

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