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Your diet and fitness partner, quickly reach your weight goal with my diet diary! Easy way to lose weight, maintain weight or gain weight.

Elegant and easy weight loss app to track your diet, calories, exercise, weight, cholesterol, carbs, calorie burn, other nutrition data. Proven success as millions of people around the world have used this app to achieve their weight goals!

Key Highlights
See the complete way to track what you eat and the essence of complete nutrition
Daily is your daily exercise, calorie burn and track journal used for a few minutes
Overall a detailed daily diary summary of your overall progress and how to improve
Reports Easy to read reports and graphs to see trends
Daily diet and fitness tips
Track Reminders to help keep you on track

Nutrition tracking
Track daily calorie counters and other nutritional data (protein, carbs, cholesterol, sugar, fiber, etc.)
Set Weight Weight Loss Goals and Use Our Calorie Tracker to Start Tracking Your Calorie Budget and Diet
Body Mass Index BMI Calculator
View Weight Weight Charts, Calorie Consumption Charts, Diet Summaries and Your Weight Loss Tracking Reports
Daily dieting tips

Food tracking
Add food from our database of 150,000+ foods and healthy recipes no matter what diet you are on: Atkins, Gluten Free, Paleo, Jenny Craig, Weight Observer etc
Automatically provide details about each single food: protein, gluten, carbs, calories, vitamins, cholesterol and minerals
Calculate Total Micro and Macro Nutrition
Not on a diet? Do you have diabetes? Use as food logs, journals and trackers to break down calories from carbs and fats

Grace and fitness tracking
সং Connect and view your steps from your Fitbit, Response Up, or other activity tracking device or step count
Log on to more than 65 exercises to see how calories are burned and calories lost
At our Step Counter you see the calories and fats burned
BMR calculator and BMI calculator
See Weight Weight Chart, Calorie Burning Chart and a few minutes of exercise chart
Card Track cardio, walking, biking, running, counterattack and much more!
Daily fitness tips

Personal tracker
Attach all your fitness, answer ups and more to see a wide range of all your fitness and nutrition information

This app is your universal diet coach, weight coach and fitness coach.

Cheers to good health!

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