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My Device is a powerful yet simple application that lets you know all the details about your phone. This is information about the chip (SC) in your system, the memory of your device or the technical specs about your battery or all the relevant information about your device sensor – my device is your one-time place for all of this. You can explore ..
** Instruments **
. Manufacturer
. Model
★ Board type
★ Hardware
Ial serial number
. Android ID
Screen resolution
Boot loader

** OS **
OS version
তারিখ Date of publication
Orted supported status
Version number
API level
Create ID
★ Build time

** CPU **
ৃতি Memory usage description graphical view
CPU model
ব্যবহার Use of RAM
CPU variant
Ial serial
CPU Implementer
CPU port
CPU revision
Hardware model
★ Other features

** Battery **
Battery type
Battery health
Battery level
Energy source
Rature temperature
. Status

** Memory **
Al Internal and external details Memory details
★ Used memory
Free memory
★ Total memory

** Internet **
Action connection status
★ Data type
Network type
IP address
★ MAC address
Link speed

** sensor **
List all sensors
Ens sensor name
★ Inter type
. Seller
. Version
. Power
. Maximum range
Accurate real time reading from Sen sensor

** Features **
Device Checking all device features
WiFi Direct
Bluetooth Lay
Camera flash
Camera front
USB host
USB accessories
Ult multitouch
Audio low-latency
Audio output
. Customer IR
Gamepad support
★ HIFI sensor
Professional audio
★ App widget
IP SIP based VoIP

** User applications and system applications **
List of all user applications and system applications
নাম Package name
Easy open application

And much more ..

Required for system:
Android version 4.0 and later
No permission required

Support and technical support:
You can reach the developers via the email available below the description of this application. We will be happy to receive your suggestions and feedback so that we can improve my device and serve you better.

★ ★ ★

What’s new?

Version 1.3.0
Learn the details better – information support has been added
New features have been added to the Properties tab.
Russian language support
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 1.2.0
New sensor data added
Added information about new features
Bug fixes and performance improvements

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