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“Multi Stopwatch and Timer” is a multi-functional stopwatch and timer application that lets you turn on multiple stopwatch and timer at the same time.

Use is easy to use.
Friendly user friendly and simple and intuitive interface.
You can customize the application as you wish (
All kinds of timers. Multiple stopwatches and timers. Can control them perfectly.
● Energy saving design.
Every sport suitable for every period

★ Multiple stopwatches.
★ Multiple timers. (Alarms)
Calculate the timer.
Calculate the timer.
Val break timer. (Repeat timer.)
Ap lap time. Divided time.
Custom functions. (Customize the design of the application))
Alar Select the alarm sound.
Sleep settings for sleep. (Stay awake.)
Switch Changing the switch order.
★ Full screen.

Custom functions (customize the design.)
Color Adjust the color.
★ Resize.
Font Select the font.
Title Set the name of the title n (naming)
★ and more available.

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