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Mr Fight – Wrestling Puzzles APK Download

Mr Fight - Wrestling Puzzles APK Download

Are you ready to roar?

The sequel to Crash hits Mr. Bullet and Mr. Ninja, entering the new contestant ring to satisfy your puzzle obsession! The deadly weapon is in the registered hand, only after his faithful speedo, can control Mr. Fight when he jumps, flips, flicks and swipes his way through enemies. The challenge though is much more than just brutal strength, and you also need to flex your brain muscles to get up on this occasion. What do you need to become the king of the ring, brother !?

After you travel to new levels, save your hostages and unlock new combat skills as well as land your enemies and fight deficits. Start your adventure now! How can you send your competitors !?

Game Features:

1. Become a champ!
Use your brain and your shaking to get the bad guys out. From enemy spies, zombies, evil lumberjacks and aliens, they’re all on your way to becoming champs.

2. Endless layers
The challenge never ends with a unique level of tons! How smart are you Can you solve all the puzzles? Use your fighting skills to create a disciplinary response and to explode in battle and do whatever it takes to fight!

3. Hilarias Physics Puzzler
Those who need clothes with the same skills! It takes more than just accuracy to accomplish. Speed, time and patience are all things you need to be the king of the ring! Can you get three stars in each level?

4. New features have been added seamlessly
Never bother! Mr. Fight is regularly updated with new unique levels, weapons and other skins. You do not want to delete the verb.

You like Mr. Bullet and Mr. Ninja, you love Mr. Fight

See if you have any feedback need help hitting a level or have a great idea you want to see in the game!

From the studio you get Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Ink and Love Balls for you!

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