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Moy 7 the Virtual Pet Game APK Download

Moy 7 the Virtual Pet Game APK Download

May is finally coming back in the 7th installment!

Now there are some big changes in the way you interact with different rooms in UI and the way you spend your time. The environment is now more interactive than before and the game feels more lively and interesting.

You can now choose from over 85 different games and activities. As always there are different ways to collect games and coins. Mini-games are categorized into four different categories – casual, arcade, racing and puzzle. There are lots of creative activities like playing the piano, playing drums or guitar. You can spend time painting, filling out color books, managing the zoo, planting flowers in your garden, saving patients by playing doctor and much more!

This game helps your mom care about brushing her teeth, showering her when she gets dirty, giving her healthy food when she goes to bed, exercising her and playing games with her. The more you care for your mother, the more she will grow and be happy.

The coins you collect by playing various mini-games can be used to buy new clothes for your wardrobe, skin color, hair style or even a beard. You can spend coins decorating your house, buying fish for the aquarium, buying new animals for your zoo, buying ingredients to bake your own desserts, and much more.

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