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“Mouse over the scary joke on the screen” is an entertainment application that will display an animation of the mouse shaking on your phone’s screen. The creature will move from one end of the screen to the other. The rats will run, look around, sniff, run away. Horrible animations of mammals will always appear at the forefront. No matter what you are doing, if you are browsing the internet, playing games or writing emails, the vermilion will always be visible. You can set which end of the phone the animal can move. The horrible effect of rats is so realistic that you can scare your friends in an easy way. They may believe that a real mouse is walking on the screen of their phone.
Additionally, we will give you the possibility to set transparent icons for removing rats. Thanks to this, it will be easier to leak to your friends.

This app can also act as your cat’s toy. Show your cat the virtual mouse and he will surely chase after it and be eager to eat it.

How can you prank your friends?
1. Take their phone under the pretext of doing some testing on the internet.
2. Install our great app.
3. Set the vermin to appear a few seconds / minutes earlier.
4. Return the phone to your victim.
5. Watch his reaction and smile as much as possible

Key features of the application:
– Natural and smooth movement of the mouse.
– The choice of the edge of the animal movement screen.
– Animation will appear after scheduling.
– An animation of mammals is always displayed on the front.

What’s new?

Choose from two types of mouse: top view and side view
Intelligent mouse ready for Android 9.0 (pi)
Mouse static mouse shrink sound

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