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Moolt APK download

Moolt APK download

Mult is an app that has new animated shows and episodes with premieres every week. Safe environment for children, parental control and no advertising!

More than 800 episodes of color animated cartoons are already available.

Several episodes of each animated series are available for free. The full functionality of the application is available after subscribing. The first 7 days of subscription are free!

Basic subscriptions allow you to:
Download an episode on your device (based on your subscription plan). After that, you won’t need an internet connection to view it.
Watch HD HD and Full HD quality episodes (based on your subscription plan).
Create your own playlist so you don’t miss your favorite cartoons.
Use the Pare Parental Controls feature that will help your child control the time they spend with our app and let you choose cartoons for them!

Cartoons available on application:
“B-B-Bears”, “Quick”, “Heroes of Envel”, “Fantasy Patrol”, “Leo and Tig”, “Paper Tales”, “Magic Lantern”, “Rolando Lokomotov Comes to Rescue”, “Coty Cubis” . Please note that not all cartoons are available in specific languages.

Subscription plan:
The first 7 days of subscription are free!
Our subscription is the most accessible of all cartoon applications:
– 1 month – 99 4.99
– 1 year -. 23.99

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at, and we will definitely answer!

End User License Agreement: / consent / en
Personal Data Protection Policy:

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