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You Moze O 2 (My O 2) – Just one step away from getting your faithful and 2 Slovakia experience guide.

Enjoy your life
And adjust your program anytime, anywhere and from 2 Slovakia. Provide invoices, activate or deactivate services, and enjoy additional benefits, including great discount offers.

From now on you can
Current Control your current usage
Get instant summary of outgoing calls and messages
Activate, deactivate, or coordinate selected plans and services
Payment of invoices
Experts Contact our experts via free built-in chat
O O2 Activate travel insurance
Stations Enjoy extra benefits at gas stations or when shopping

For everyone with socks and 2
Program & 2 Smart Paul (O 2 Smart Plan), O 2 Paul (O 2 Plan), O 2 Dayata (O 2 Data), O 2 Voznos (O 2 Freedom), O 2 Far (O 2 Fair) Invoice or Phone Payed through credit recharging, O2 Internet Bonus (O2 Internet with Bonus) or O2 Socks Firma (O2 My Company).

Are you happy with the app?
We hope yes! We would be even happier if you would let us know by rating it. If something doesn’t work or you don’t like something, let us know at

Please note
The Moze O2SK application has not yet been translated into English. If you encounter any problems, please contact our Help Center at

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