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The Metu app is designed to quickly change and enhance the beauty of your face in your selfies. It provides a simpler and more automated filer than in-depth software Photoshop. The app works great even if you have little experience using it effectively. The Mitu application smoothes the skin, slims faces and even applies a layer of virtual blush and lipglass, which adds a beautifying effect to your photos.

Mitu provides a lot of editing features to access almost any type of user’s post Instagram. The main purpose of this smartphone app is to enhance the beauty of a photo. Users can restore stains, smooth rough lines, hide wrinkles and choose a virtual ‘facelift’ that provides a unique slimming effect.

Use the Metu app to beautify your face

Although popular for Mitu’s beautification features, the app gives you all the other photo editing features. You can use it to add effects and add specific themes to an image. It provides unique frames and backgrounds with over 50 filters that can be easily applied to images. The filter section continues to grow as new features and filters are added with each application update.

It has an additional video editing option that is really useful for fast and small projects that can be managed from the phone. When you first open the app, its neat layout will present you with a large camera tab at the bottom. And in the middle are the Edit, Rebuild, Collage, User Guide and Video Editing tabs.

While testing the app we found its anime avatar feature really cool and unique. Other than that it gives you all the standard photo editing features. Which you will find in any other photo editing application. Read more about the latest Mitu Application Features. If you want to edit your photos by clicking the download button above, download this application.

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