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Watch the video to learn how to use it.[ Tommorow, I will meet … me … yesterday. ]

Mirror + Selfie Camera (Free Best Mirror App)
Let your phone be a perfect smart mirror.

Press Mirror Zone to show / hide menus.

[Quick Mirror Camera Guideline]

It will hide all menus as soon as the application starts. So it’s really like a mirror.

You can use the following method to change other settings:
1. Press Mirror Zone to show / hide the menu.
2. Drag the red search bar to change the screen brightness.
3. Drag the pink sik bar to change the camera exposure.
4. Drag the pink search bar 2 to zoom in / out of the mirror.
5. Press the bulb button / Disable night mode.
6. Press the mirror button to change the capture mode. (Capture with “image on mirror” or “your real image”)
Preview. Press the pause / resume button to see the pause / restart preview. (Freeze image) Then double click the fridge image to zoom in / out of the mirror. (Or use two fingers to zoom in / out of the mirror)
8. [Volume Key] : Use the volume-down key to pause / restart the preview. (Freeze image) Use the volume-up key to capture the camera. You can change the other option on the Camera Settings page.


1. You can take a picture or edit the picture in the mirror if you want.
2. Night mode: Press the bulb button, use the panel light on the edge of the panel.
3. This app will not turn off the screen when you use the camera. If the user does not touch the screen for 10 minutes, this application will automatically exit to prevent power loss. [Recommended External Mirror Image Photo Editor]
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What’s new?

V 1.4.2 ::
1. Change the actual mode. When using real mode, preview / pause / capture is the same image

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