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Your mission at Minas Paradise is to help Minas to turn the lonely summer islands into a vacation paradise.

The gameplay is really simple for Minus Paradise. One only has to concentrate on building buildings for the islands. The construction of these buildings will make the island not only beautiful but also comfortable. Develop a real vacation paradise. Doing this will attract several more minutes to your island. A few of these minions, you will immediately remember as Kevin, Bob and Stuart.

Minions Paradise is a fun game for kids. All in all, this simple game has to be played by slowly building buildings to attract new mines and enjoy the main activities of these mines.

Minus Paradise game rules

The rules of the game are to help the character known as Phil to find some resources and then mix the staff to complete the supply of all the teams. Upon receipt of the party supplies, the prize money will be awarded to the point player along with the sand dollars. Both of these rewards can be used to unlock more great stuff to deliver a more amazing party.

To create resources, the player can call in 3 minutes, but it will still take some time to create this thing. Tools are often shaken in the middle of the harvest which can be used to clean up debris or increase storage space for staff. As minions like to have fun, players can also unlock minigames and play them. From celebrities I hate it The franchise comes developed by Game Minis Paradise EA.

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