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Mini TD 2: Relax Tower Defense Game APK Download

Mini TD 2: Relax Tower Defense Game APK Download

Mini TD2 is a strategy game in which you build various towers in intricately glamorous interiors and try to stop the army of red invaders trying to conquer our red-blue world. It’s a relaxing experience that isn’t interrupted by in-game purchases and content getting. Everything is available to you from the beginning. The game is simple but it is not easy!

Game Features:

Beat losing 50 levels!
Digital Relax Digital Music.
Playable offline.
L Simple yet nice graphics that do not overload your device.
U Intuitive control and interface.
The difficulty is gradually increasing.
Enemies You can speed up the game to strengthen your way through enemies!

Fan by fan for song

My name is Ilia and I am the sole developer of this game. I like the TD genre a lot and I decided to create a game that has nothing unnecessary. You and there are monsters. Use the towers efficiently, upgrade them to maximize the impact of each individual structure, and strategically plan your defenses by installing utility slow-moving towers and rocket launchers.

If you like tower defense and want something simpler and less resource-intensive, you need the Mini TD2. Your Fantasy Kingdom is under attack and you need to use your tactical knowledge and experience to kill as many red enemies as possible.

Relax for free

I am a big fan of the genre and would like to give you the opportunity to enjoy the free ride! No hidden payments, no game purchases and no time getting. You don’t have to wait for your energy to meet or pay to win. You don’t even need a powerful device! Any smartphone can run this game smoothly! Download and enjoy a simple yet charming tower defense game!

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