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Mind Map AR, Augmented Reality ARCore Mind Mapping APK Download

Mind Map AR, Augmented Reality ARCore Mind Mapping APK Download

Free maps from 2D with the first enhanced reality mind mapping application for Google Arcor Create and explore mind maps with any other Arc enabled smartphone and Mind Map AR.

Standard Feature Highlights:
– 3D augmented reality mind mapping
– Easy to use
– Cast mind maps to a larger screen using Chromecast
– Share mind map files or export a text outline
– Hyperlink support
– Attachments to Cloud Storage (GDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Evernote)
– Instant voice input
– Add long-text descriptions to map nodes
– Import Freemind files
– Expand / shrink branches
– Directional relationship
– VR canvas background option

Premium Features:
– Image node
– Node move
– Multiple routes
– Custom color
– Multiple node hyperlinks
– Tag filtering
– Jump link

Full documentation at

The progress of the AR mind map TAG

Organizes your brain using relationships and thinks it in 3D. That is why it is easy to remember the details of place and structure. You can unleash this innate energy of the hippocampus in your brain by 3D mapping the mind with augmented reality. For the first time, your ideas can fill a house. You can move your AR mind around and around the map. You will see your thoughts from every possible angle to awaken new insights.

As you create ideas, you will be amazed at the relationships that exist between the ideas that your brain stores and processes information. Mind Map AR by ScapeHop provides a new world of thought and exploration.

As you interact with innovative ideas without the limitations of using Mind Map AR you will find it easier to get brainstorming. No need to waste time formatting, sorting or blanking a page. Instead, stay in a constant mental flow that encourages your cognitive performance and taps to your full potential.

CO requires arcware and a supported device to work in this application

AR Core now works on the following models:

To download and install Arco on supported devices, visit:

If you have problems with Mind Map AR, please email to give us a chance to help.

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