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Facebook Messenger Lite is the lite version of the famous Facebook Messenger app. The app has the key features of the standard messenger app. With only 9.9 MB download size and over 1 billion downloads, this app will depend on your phone’s memory and internet data plan. You can easily send texts, photos, links and stickers to anyone in Messenger. You can even video chat with friends.

The standard messenger app includes additional features like games, stories, extensions, automated messaging from brands. Messenger Lite focuses on all these messages. Thus, these additional features reduce the amount of pull left behind and provide a faster interface when using Messenger on a humble device.

The lack of additional features results in a simpler, less confusing messaging application that does not take up too much storage space, consumes less processing power and consequently uses very little Internet data.

How Messenger Lite works

The application works very similarly to the original FB-Messenger app. You will only see three main tabs that present the main features of Messenger. These are Home, Contacts and Accounts at the top of your screen.

What is Messenger Lite best used for?

You can make Messenger Lite on any Android device. The app is specifically designed to work properly on smartphones with small RAMs so that they can easily multitask. The main reasons for the development of this application

  • All nonsense messenger features are de-cluttering to use only for messaging and video calls.
  • Older or cheaper Android devices with limited processing capabilities.
  • Devices with little storage space.
  • People are less mobile data plan.
  • Connections to unstable or low speed networks.

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