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Super charge your phone’s home screen with all the in-one launches of Messenger Home and the lightning fast SMS messaging app. The Messenger Home promoter features a clean home screen designed to stream your messaging experience with quick access to your most recent five contacts. Swipe right to your home screen and you will have access to all your text message conversations.

Messenger Home SMS Widget and Launcher Features:
Fully customize your home screen with the latest ASOP technology, customized icon packs and new themes.
All One swipe access to all your text messages. Swipe to the right to open your message and swipe to the left to return to your home screen.
Dynamic home screen shortcuts for friends and family who have received your most recent messages! (Who gets the arrogant rights to be in your top 5 ???)
We have a custom colored icon in each of your contacts content so you can quickly find who you’re looking for!
4 Spice up your conversation with 4000 emojis, GIFs, stickers and memes directly in your text messages. No more internet search for the perfect response GIF!
Messenger is optimized for home phone, web and voice functionality so it’s as easy as accessing important text messages, your favorite apps, searching for a contact or searching the web.

Other things to note:

  • Messenger Home replaces your OM home screen with our smooth, messaging focused home screen.
  • We are supported by advertising, but we try our best to keep them to a minimum.
  • We’re constantly updating our app so let us know if you have any features you’d like to see!

Fast, easy and fun – we think it might just be the best home screen experience for Android.

About this version:

Our mission is to make the most accessible, fastest, easiest, most secure messaging launcher. We are constantly looking for feedback to further improve future versions. Keep Messenger Home updated and let us know your feedback. We hope you like it!

Messenger Home Fast. Safe. Easy.

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