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Express yourself using all of Hike’s new cameras and freely share your moments with your friends. Hike Messenger is a communication application that provides instant messaging and SMS in a single app. Add a little flavor to your photos by adding stickers, text, emojis and more.

Hikeup is similar to WhatsApp but better in the sense that it allows users to communicate via SMS. Hi-to-hike messaging with other phones is limited and free worldwide. You can send a message to another phone user via SMS. But beware, if you constantly bug another user with hikes, they are given a code that they can use to block you.

Hike users receive 100 free Hike SMS per month to message friends who are not Hike, which is refilled every month, and if a friend joins the app at your request via SMS, you will receive 10 free SMS and the company will send you each Hike Each invited friend will be rewarded with 50 free SMS per month. You can invite through friends Facebook, Twitter and email. Hiker users will be given a one-time SMS bonus for connecting with Twitter and Facebook.

Messenger interface

Hike has a clean interface with simple user friendly design. Once the app is downloaded, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number. Instant instant messaging has features such as group chat and photo and video sharing in high-to-high communication.

Group chats can be started with an icon at the top right while a ‘+’ icon at the bottom right can be used to send a new message. The application supports various audio and video formats and up to 6MB for each file. The app seamlessly integrates your entire existing phone contacts. You can access more menu options such as Home, Invite Friends, Free Messaging and more by swiping to the left. Sweeped to the right reveals the search bar with Hikeel’s favorites and friends.

Once you send a message you will see notifications sent (S), Delivery (D), similar to WhatsApp and Typing (…) notifications, which have a separate notification convention. Your device has its own set of emoticons for different types of hikes in addition to the standard emojis. You can see more information about Hayes Messenger Hike Limited Website.

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