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Messenger for Pokemon Geo lets users keep in touch with other Pokemon Geo players. Thanks to this messaging application, players will be able to talk to any other user within the user’s proset range.

Messenger was designed while keeping the main focus of communication. This allows Pokemon Geo players to communicate with each other without having to stop their game. Players will continue to search for Pokemon and other topics as they share strategies and tips with other players in the game through the app’s chat room.

First use of Messenger for Pokemon Geo:

For first-time use, you’ll need to choose a username and team color. However, these choices will not affect the fact that this chat with the original Pokemon Go game will no longer be this chat and the username of this app. After the user completes this information, they will be able to access a huge chat room where all the players from the user locale will be active and they can chat with each other for information.

Use Messenger in Pokemon Geo Games

For any user to use Messenger on them Pokemon Geo In the game, they have to tap on the floating icon that looks like an insect located at the top right of the screen. After tapping this icon, the player will see a menu that gives them access to their application’s chat room.

After tapping the chartroom screen, users will be able to send text messages, exact locations, and will be able to team up with others to share blockchain strategies on other gyms and then share their victories.

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