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Do you forget things easily?Try using the memory assistant app!

Write a list of your tasks!

Remind yourself whenever you turn on your phone!

Don’t forget what you have to do from now on!

Especially useful for:

1) Those who forget to work frequently

2) Those who can’t remember what they wrote on Notepad

3) Those who are worried may forget their actions

4) Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya

5) Those who consistently want to remind themselves of what to do

6) Those who want to check their notepad continuously

7) Want to revise the list of those who need to do their job

8) Those who want to manage their Notepad instantly

9) Forget what those people need to do after writing

10) Those who write in Notepad forget the truth

What’s new?

2017. 12. 4 update

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