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Medieval: Idle Tycoon – Idle Clicker Tycoon Game APK Download

Medieval: Idle Tycoon - Idle Clicker Tycoon Game APK Download

Create medieval cities, expand your kingdom and become king with this tap idle clicker! Your fantasy empire is waiting for you! 🏰

Download this building tycoon simulator game for free and create multiple lands to earn gold coins and collect cash in your village. If you like passive games – this is for you!

Buildings castles, markets, inns and much more! – Gives you benefits. Upgrade these to improve and become a medieval billionaire tycoon! If you search for passive games – you’ve found the best!

Get Passive Loot – Quest rewards you, invest it to earn more! Medieval Inc. Create

Different buildings help increase your medieval click kingdom so you can collect more money.
Be the operator of your medieval business, hire consultants to get bonuses – the best lazy heroes. 👑

Tap, develop new technologies and benefit from them! 💰💰💰
Your city will continue to run while you’re offline from the game! This is your City Inc.

Improve your buildings and increase your cash income! Try to be the best king for your people. Craft technology and upgrade to your lazy state. Cash Inc. Create! 🏰👸

This is the most addictive simulation game. Use the best strategy to grow your empire!

Manage your own medieval city and get more cash
You can continue your village even though your game is offline
Invest money and increase your income
Advisers to earn more – your passive heroes – to earn more
New Development of new technology 6
Ques Complete searches 6
★ Kingdom wizards can speed up time! 🧙
Double your earnings 24 hours a day
No internet connection required
More Many more great clicker game mechanics 7

Become the biggest building tycoon of all time!

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