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MediaTap Downloader is a powerful, fast and easy-to-use Android app for downloading media files from the Internet. MediaTap lets you download any type of file such as videos, music, photos and ebooks directly to your phone. Once you have downloaded the files, you can watch, listen and listen to them and read them anytime without worrying about internet connection! Meditip supports large streaming video sites and more than 50 sites.

MediaTap Highlight Function:

– All downloaded files are automatically organized under “File Manager” through file types like “Movies”, “Music” stored
– Organize your files by creating folders.
-Name, delete, copy, remove, share file
– Transfer downloaded files by connecting your phone to your PC using USB cable.
Select multiple files at once.
-Downloads can be restarted automatically even if you lose internet connection.
-Limed download
Create and manage your bookmarks for easy browsing.

How to download media files:

1. Type the link in the address bar or search for the keyword. Or you can tap the link from History or Bookmarks.
2. If you are on the page you want to download, you can download the file by tapping the “Downloader” button in the first icon in the upper right bar.
3. The sidebar icon in the top left corner can swipe the left view to show the left menu view. In the left menu view, we see Web Browser, Downloader Manager, File Manager, FTP Manager and more. The “Downloader Manager” shows currently downloaded files and finished files, and in the “File Manager” tab we see the downloaded files stored in the corresponding folder.

How to create a folder

By adding more icons at the top right, you will see a list of “Select All”, “Sort by”, “New Folder”, etc. So, please select “New Folder” then enter the name and press “OK”.

How to select / select
You can see the rectangle to the right of each of the folders or files. If you tap this rectangle or check box, you will see an icon in it. This means you have already selected this icon. To deselect, you must tap this check box again, then you will notice that the icon has disappeared.

Icon description

Sidebar menu
Top left icon, 3 parallel lines, sidebar icon. When you tap on this icon you will see a menu on the left which includes web browser, downloader manager, file manager, FTP manager, settings manager and exit.

★ Download button
This button supports users to download movies, pictures, music, ebooks and other media.

★ Bookmark
This button allows the user to view and manage both “Bookmarks” and “History”.

★ More buttons
The top right button is more buttons where we can create new tabs, make homepages and add bookmarks, bookmarks with QR codes M Also, with “Search on page” we can find something on the web page.

★ New tab
This button is located below the “More Buttons” and next to the address bar. It helps you create new tabs.

What’s new?

– Material design
– Chromecast
– Add / disable multiple download settings

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