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Mix Player is an Android app that works as a professional music and video playback tool. It can be one of the best apps for music and video player. The app protects private videos from being viewed or deleted when other people are using the original owner’s device.

Mix player features

Below are some key features of Mix Player.

  • The app supports almost all video features.
  • The application also supports audio formats.
  • Mix Player lets users enjoy high-definition video players that support 4K video. You can try MX player.
  • The app also provides users with a personal folder to keep their videos safe. If a user wants to cast their videos on TV, they can do so with Chromecast. To view subtitles in Play Video, users can download subtitles and then play them directly in the app.
  • Users can adjust the speed for audio or video playback speed of their files. Choose from 2 different UI themes.
  • The great feature of Mix Player is that it provides separate libraries for video and audio files that users can browse directly and individually.
  • Easy to use volume control, game progress and brightness. While playing the video, the user can use playback options such as aspect ratio, screen lock and automatic rotation.
  • A unique feature is that Mix Player allows video to be played in audio mode and supports controls of audio headsets.

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