Max Boost – Phone Clean & Speed Booster Utility APK Direct APK Download

Max Boost – Speed, Clean, Security is an Android Boost tool to optimize the performance of your smart phone. A small but powerful Android phone optimizer, it combines several key boosting functions: Background Process Task Clean, APAK File Clean, Junk and Cache File Analysis and Clean, Speed ​​and RAM Booster, Security Antivirus Guard and CIR.

Encourage and protect your phone now.

Maximum Boost Highlight Features:

K junk cleaner
Automatically clean up all useless junk, cache and APK.

Fast booster
One tap to customize your phone and save your precious time.

CPU cooler
Intelligent analysis to clear all unnecessary work in the background of the system.

Maximum Boost Features:

Junk Clean: Fully cleanup junk, cache and APK files on your smart phone and SD card.
Clean up the remaining APK files after the application is installed to regain storage on your smart phone and SD card.
Cleanup junk and cache fire in apps, games, browsers to increase storage on your phone and SD card.

Fast Boost
One tap of Max Boost or Home Screen Widget to speed up the process and system diagnostics of your smart phone. Clear all unnecessary processes, tasks and auto-start applications to speed up the smart phone.

Battery Saver: Analyze battery usage situation. Your batter, you manage!
Max Boost can analyze the battery consumption situation of each application on your smart phone.
Auto Cleanup heavy loading electrical applications or you can handle these manually as per your choice.

CPU Cooler: Turn off extra heating applications to cool your phone. Save your mobile battery.
Max – Booster, Clean, Security dynamically analyzes CPU usage, detects additional heating apps, and helps you cool your phone quickly and prevent the phone’s temperature from rising again.

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