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The app will teach you how to do a long section. The app is smart: it tries to understand your mistakes and gives you the right hints.

Long division is a basic concept in mathematics. It must include division, but its multiplication, subtraction and division tables are all mathematical activities. Proficiency in the long section means acquiring proficiency in all these techniques of mathematics.

The application proposes two methods: training and learning.

In learning mode, the app shows you how to do long step by step. Each step of math practice is explained and given in detail. You can choose numbers, dividers and dividends, or let the app choose the category at random.

In training mode, you divide the length by yourself. The application detects errors, such as forgetting to carry. It gives you hints if you need all of the math practice as well.

A few levels are possible for math practice The simple level for elementary education in the department offers simple numbers. The following levels suggest more and more difficult exercises. One can choose between long divisions of integers or decimal numbers with or without intermediate subtraction.

The application department calculates scores from time and error. It inspires you to train and lets you see progress in the long section.

Note: The application uses vocal synthesis (as it were) to comment the section during math practice. On some devices, it is advisable to install vocal synthesis upgrades if you want to get better quality.

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