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Math helps more than 42,200.00 middle school, high school and college students solve math problems and get better grades at a fraction of the cost of a private tutor. Math 42 (1) with step-by-step solutions to their problems with intelligent approaches to solutions (2) an assessment center.

Math 42 is a reliable mathematical resource around the world and numbers prove it: 2.2 million downloads and more than 450.00 tablets used in school in collaboration with Germany’s largest educational publisher (Clate).


Intuitive entry of the formula formula
AIntelligent advice on how to approach a problem (unique globally)
• Detailed step-by-step solutions, tailored to a student’s needs (globally unique)
Examples Extensive mathematical explanations with examples
Interactive graph, which visualizes the problem
Automatically generated and graduated assessments that enable and support rapid progress
Instant-calculator, which calculates the time of entry

Assessment Center

Erc practice – divided by subject and level
Training Mode – Then, each problem can be analyzed periodically
• Test mode – enables detection of strengths and weaknesses
Test results and statistics show progress over time
Ped tests and exercises were created in collaboration with experienced pedagogues and private tutors

Mathematical properties

Term Transformation
Simplifying and stretching
Act Factoring (Factoring out, applying binary formula)
Powers transform energy and roots
F Adding Fractions, Multiplying Fractions, Decreasing Fractions, Extending Fractions
C GCD and LCM are being calculated
Ig trigonometric conversion (improving)
Logarithmic transformations (improving)

Oot original
• Y-axis intersection
Definition Definition Domain
Re Final (highest, lowest)
Inflation points
Ve curve sketching
Er derivation
Basic derivatives,
Act Factor Rules
• Yoga rules
Rule product rules
Ot crore rules
Chain rules
• Basically integrated,
Integration through substitution
Parts integrated by parts
Partial fraction decomposition

Linear equations
Quadrilateral equations (square end, quadrilateral formula, pq-formula)
Special equations of higher degrees
Ations equation linear system
Non-linear system of ations equations

The Matrix
Adding mat matric
Mat multiplied matrix
Matt transposing matrix
Mat inverted matrix
Plural characteristic of Ter
Igen Eganvalue
Igen eigenspace
• Kernel
Ks ranks
Cross products
Eliminate Gaussian


Math 42 works without templates or pre-calculated solutions
42 Math 42 solves all problems on the fly like a teacher on board
42 Math 42 is a real symbolic algebraic system
Math 42 Base on Artificial Intelligence
42 Math 42 is a completely self-developed system

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Math 42 – Your Digital Private Math Teacher – Completely Free Now!

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