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Make your old phone as Home Security Camera APK Download

Make your old phone as Home Security Camera APK Download

? Do you have an old Android smartphone or tablet that you are not using and dusting your drawer?
Why not reuse them as a free high quality home security camera?

A No need to buy an expensive and slow new home security camera.
If you have extra smartphones around, watch CCTV can make them a powerful home security camera for free.

Use is very easy to use!
If you already have a WiFi connection around you, you don’t need an ISP provider or USIM for an older smartphone. All you need to do is download and install the app using WiFi only and login to two or more Android smartphone or tablet devices with the same Gmail ID. One for security cameras and the other for remote live video viewers. No complete IP configuration required!

Attach security cameras from anywhere and anytime you want!
You can access your security camera from anywhere and anytime and watch live video via high speed internet. We recommend using 4G or faster WiFi for the best quality and stable connection of live video streaming.

Watch 1080 1080p HD live video and listen to two-way high quality audio
You can watch maximum 1080p HD live video and listen to live audio. Try a quick live video feed.

Power Low power and battery consumption and no heat problems!
Unlike other home security camera apps, CCTV does not require a screen to be turned on and uses camera resources only when the devices are connected. So it does not cause battery heat problem and it takes less use of battery.

Han extended security connection!
CCTV uses P2P with the TLS / DTLS encrypted protocol and the ECDSA certification industry standard to connect between devices. In addition, CCTV enables users to set their own password for a connection and it is simply stored in the device storage. Connection is only allowed when the stored password matches exactly between devices.

Full powerful motion detection!
Other similar applications start video recording as soon as they detect a moving object (if the object moves too fast, it usually fails to capture the moving object because the object is already out of sight of the camera as soon as the video recording starts, so it is not) Some records ). However, CCTV uses advanced ring buffer recording algorithms to record video both before and after the motion detection event, so it never misses recording moving objects despite its fast speed. All recorded videos are stored in private Google Drive cloud storage for free (15 GB free space).

Security Remote control for turning the camera on / off
You can turn the security camera on / off, and attach it to the security camera whenever you want. This creates a more secure connection. Did you forget to turn on your security camera when you went out? Don’t worry! You can use the app to turn it on or off remotely and watch live video at any time.

Create as many security cameras or remote viewers as you want
Do you have more than two Android devices? You can make them as security cameras or you can make them as remote viewers.

CCTV offers many great features:
1. High quality real-time live video and audio streaming (two-way)
– Full HD video resolution up to 1080p
– High quality two-way audio stream
2. Front / rear camera as security camera
3. Remote flash light on / off
4. Live video recording
5. Increased protection for connection
Power. Powerful motion detection and cloud recording service
7. Remote control for turning on / off the security camera
8. Other great features

*** You need at least TWO and more Android devices to use this application. Internet connection required. ***

To watch live video, all devices need an internet connection. We recommend high speed internet (eg 4G, high bandwidth WiFi) for the best quality live video.

We are currently developing iOS and web versions and they will be released soon.



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