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Watch the video to learn how to use it.

Magnifier + Flashlight (Free Best Illuminated Magnifying Glass Application)
Let your phone be a perfect smart magnifier or smart microscope.

Easy to see short text
Open the flashlight when starting the application.

You can also use it as a generic version of the skin quality check device. (Skin detector)

[Quick Magnifier Camera Guideline]When you start the camera, the application will set the magnifier zoom to medium. To zoom in / out the magnifier you can drag the zoom six bar. (Or use two fingers to zoom in / out of the magnifier)
When you start the camera, the app will automatically detect the micro focus mode. If this is present, the application will be set to micro focus mode automatically. If it is not present, the application will set to automatic focus mode.

You can use the following method to change other settings:
1. Press the preview area to focus.
2. Drag the red search bar to change the screen brightness.
3. Drag the pink sik bar to change the camera exposure.
4. To zoom in / out of the magnifier, drag the pink search bar 2. (Or use two fingers to magnify the magnifier on the preview screen)
5. Press the flashlight button to enable the flashlight.
Preview. Press the pause / resume button / preview the resume. (Freeze image) Then double click the freezer image to zoom in / out the magnifier. (Or zoom in / out with a two-finger magnifier)
7. [Volume Key] : Use the volume-down key to pause / restart the preview. (Freeze image) Use the volume-up key to capture the camera. You can change other options on the camera settings page.

[Others]1. You can also take a picture if you want.
2. When focusing, please select the best color change in the focus area of ​​the image. If you click on a region that is biased towards a color, it is not a very good focus. Furthermore, if the lens stays clean, the cleaned glass will focus better. And Turn on the flashlight can get better focus.
3. When the camera is focused, please do not let the camera lens get too close to anything. It may be unable to focus. (Will vary according to the focal length of the camera)

Ed suggested external photo editor.
(Line camera)
This application is more consistently tested. They also support more user-friendly external photo editing.

Or you can use the system photo editor, it works. (Test on Samsung phone)

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What’s new?

V 1.4.2:
1. Support new application permissions system.

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