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Chapter 7 of Book 3 is now available.

Disclaimer: The game is only available in English.

Magium is a D&D inspired text adventure game Choose your own story books like the old one (CYOA), where you play as a common man named Barry, who joins a deadly magic tournament against the world’s most powerful magic in hopes of using the prize. To fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a mag himself.

Like all interactive novels, your choices will affect the story and making the wrong choices can lead to your death. In addition to regularly choosing your own path games, Museum also has stats that you can upgrade with the points you will occasionally get in the game. This game will check from time to time to see if these statistics are sufficient to allow you to perform certain actions. For example, if you have enough static of ancient languages, you can understand what animals and monsters are saying.

Shortly after you and all the other participants moved to the continent, the story of the Museum begins and is set in a medieval fantasy setting, with a dash of magical devices for future viewing that symbolizes an ancient, technologically advanced civilization that collapsed hundreds of years before the series began. . The world in which the story took place is somewhat inspired by Danzones and Dragons, so if you’ve played D&D before, you’ll probably find some similarities, especially regarding the magic method.

As the story progresses you will meet other participants, you will make friends and enemies and you will find out more about the continent and its inhabitants. You will find that a man known as the “Creator” established several utopias in this place six hundred years ago, where animals and people lived in harmony and food was created by magic. But what you will see is the fall of these utopias, some of which are on the verge of destruction. Your choices will affect what happens in these cities and you can save them if you want.

The game will be divided into six or seven books, each containing more than a million words.

The first book is now fully available and can be played for free. It is about 178k words long, which translates to about 700 book pages. This number also considers the paths of the branches of the story. On average a playthrough length should be about 90k words, so about 350 book pages.

The second book is now fully available, but the next books have not been written yet and they will be published by chapter, I am writing them. Unlike the first book, it needs to be unlocked before the second one opens and it will be the same for later books. To unlock the second book you must complete 25 of the 35 available successes, or pay to unlock it. All subsequent books will be similarly unlocked.

The second book is 277k words all the way, which translates to about 1100 book pages. In a way, you can see about half of these words, about 140k, which will be translated into 550 book pages.

If you would like to be informed about game updates, you can follow Magium Games on Twitter by following this link: or if you prefer to use Facebook for updates, you can follow the game’s Facebook page at this link : Games 1933559536878087 /

The game icon’s credits go to Agnes Landgraph.

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