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Machinarium is an Android game that seems to have won awards as an independent adventure game. This game was created by the developers of the Samorost series, CHUCHEL and Botanicular.

Machinery players will embark on an adventure. When they play the character of a robot who is suffering in exile in a pile of scrap machines. Players are offered to use their brains, including their logic senses, to venture into this machine graveyard. Collect important items and solve puzzles to bring the robot character back to his previous living state. So he is able to save his girlfriend and save the city leader by defeating the bad guys known as “Back Cap Brotherhood”.

The game has won the IGF and Excellence Awards at the Visual Arts Awards as well as the Best Indie Game of the Year award. The only problem with Machinarium games is that the size of the screen is too small for players to play the game on their mobile screens. However it is more of a problem towards the end of the player and even with enough effort one can get the real hang on the controls of the game.

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