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Ludu Star 2 is a sequel to the world famous Ludu Star Games. It follows the same basic game principles as the features included in the latest 2020 Ludo update, including additional snake and ladder games. The game is played between 2 to 4 gamers. Each gamer gets 4 pieces and the one who scores 4 pieces wins the game first.

The Ludo Star 2 game looks easy to watch and also seems to work towards good luck. It also requires experience and strategy to remove your tokens. You can team up with your friends and play with or against them. The game also has an offline mode for when you need to hit the clock.

Playing Ludu Star 2

You can play the game in 3 modes: conventional, master and fast. It all depends on your mood and settings. When your turn comes to rotate and you have a timer running until you roll the dice the number that comes up on the running side will determine how much space your part will move.

You need to hit a six to unlock a piece. Getting more sixes will increase your chances of winning. Each time you hit a six on the side you can pull your fixed piece from the corner and turn a second time. Get three 6s in a row and you will be careful of the curse of 6s so burn.

The basis on which Ludo Star 2 is played is called Ludo Board. The board is divided into four sections with the pieces of each section in different colors with the same color. Each category comes from a single gamer with the same color mark. The four shades are basically red, blue, green and yellow.

Learn more about this if you are new to Ludo Colorful board game You can download the app by clicking the download button above. Also, be sure to rate and review the app after downloading it.

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